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Has EU's response to the internal implementation of the 2030 Agenda appears on 22 November 2016 the communication from the Commission "Next Steps for a Sustainable European Future", where it´s objective of the Union for Sustainable Development  "a dignified life for all, within the limits of the planet, that reconciles economic prosperity and efficiency, peaceful societies is guaranteed , social inclusion and responsibility is the essence of sustainable development.”
The partnership aim is to address the social inclusion aspect of each and every one of our students, specifying by region the best practices developed within the scope of multicultural, cognitive and social heterogeneity of the different schools that are part of this project.
We intend to observe, study and appropriate the best practices that each one has to offer in terms of inclusion, be it students belonging to minority and marginalized ethnic groups, children from disadvantaged socio-economic backgrounds with low school performance and at risk of dropping out or exclusion , of differentiated training offers for students at risk of abandonment or social exclusion, of students with behavioral, cognitive or physical problems. The core of IN as in INclusion project is the inclusion of each and every one within the school, the way each partner institution is organized in order to guarantee the inclusion of all students.

Inclusion training planning (ITP) is a training model in which the entire process presented in each of the project's partner schools in their area of inclusion will be designed. It is important that the training addresses the presentation of each school because it will be through the comparison and the example of each one that other schools, with problems of inclusion, will be able to find direct or adapted solutions. The experience of each school is intended to be replicated and the training plan will try to create a virtual and physical object that allows, in a programmed way, to transmit and share all the information collected with third parties.

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