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Our vision

Working together at transnational level will bring a diversity of creativity and associated competences that enrich the European belonging. Summarily, with this project we intend to:

- Share practices at an international level;

- Find out the most significant strategies and pedagogies to establish inclusion and participation in any school context;

- Create a booklet with good practices of inclusion that it´s understood and replicable in cultural diversity at European level;

- Create moments of sharing that allow the intercultural sharing of the participants in the project;

- Find a creative way to approach problems;

- Improve the inclusion level of students in educative context in the European Union;

- Improve the acquisition of new inclusive concepts;

- Understand the practical applicability of the experiences learned in real context;

- Make available materials for improvement of student’s inclusion and participation;

- Improve each and every one student’s participation in educative meaningful contexts;

- Make learning become more interesting and attractive for every student;

- Incentivize teachers to integrate new methodologies and strategies in classrooms and other educational context;

- Create a booklet with the shared experience of each partner institution;

- Create a training planning regarding the inclusion of each and everyone.

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